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PermaShine Textured Plastic Restorer & Protectant

PermaShinePolyvance's Bumper and Cladding Coat PermaShine is designed to protect new textured automotive plastics from fading and to restore the appearance of faded textured plastics. PermaShine will provide permanent protection and gloss enhancement for textured TPO plastics, and it sticks so well that a pressure washer cannot blow it off. PermaShine can be applied by spray gun or roller for added convenience.


  • Tremendously improves the appearance of faded textured plastic bumpers and trim.
  • Permanently improves appearance -- not a quick-fading shine that will disappear in a few weeks.
  • Provides built-in UV protection to help prevent new textured plastic trim from fading.
  • Sprays on beautifully or may be rolled on from maximum convenience.


Application, Roll-On:

  • Clean plastic with 1000 Super Clean plastic cleaner and mask edges with masking tape.
  • Shake can to mix PermaShine.
  • Pour about 4 fl. oz. (115 ml) of PermaShine into a roller tray. Use a foam brush to apply materials around edges and details first, then use roller to apply to broad areas.
  • Do not overload the roller with product. First coat may have bubbles. Re-roll these areas once the roller gets drier to achieve a uniform appearance.
  • Work quickly to create uniform appearance before product begins to dry excessively. Applying more than one coat will cause variation in shine and appearance.

Application, Spray:

  • Clean plastic with 1000 Super Clean plastic cleaner. Mask as necessary.
  • PermiShine is ready to spray. Apply with an HVLP gun with a 1.0 - 1.3 mm tip.
  • Pour unused portion back into the can and clean the gun with lacquer thinner.



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