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At last, an affordable way
to repair the problem plastics

The Micro-Weld 80 allows you to profit from the occasional repair without breaking the bank.

UniWelder Lite

This kit was originally offered only to the mobile repair technician in a secret section of our site that was only accessible by mobile technicians. Apparently, the mobile technicians were not keeping it a secret. They were telling their friends about how easy and profitable it is to do bumper repairs with the Micro-Weld 80.

Now, you can repair the "problem plastics" like TPO, TEO, and PP just like the pros do with the Micro-Weld 80.

Just listen to what one satisfied customer had to say about the Micro-Weld 80.

You are not limited to repairing bumpers though.

While the Micro-Weld 80 is mostly used to repair bumper covers, bumper covers are not the only thing made out of "problem plastics". Here is glimpse of what can be repaired...

  • Some motorcycle fairings are made from "problem plastics"
  • Snow mobiles
  • Dirt bikes
  • ATV's
  • Toys
  • Auto interior plastics
  • and more

This is NOT a stripped-down kit

The Micro-Weld 80 contains everything you need to repair problem plastics. Just look at all the benefits...

  • 80 watt element provides you with the necessary heat to apply the FiberFlex and melt in the Stainless Steel Reinforcing Mesh.
  • Special tip allows for easy spreading and shaping of the FiberFlex.
  • Stainless Steel Wire Mesh creates repairs that are often stronger than the original part.
  • Stainless Steel Wire Brush keeps build-up from forming on the tip so that you can blast through your repair in no time.
  • FiberFlex welding rod eliminates the need to identify the plastic.

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