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Repairing Plastics with PlastiFix

Motorcycle FairingStreet bike fairings, which are usually made from ABS, ABS/polycarbonate blends, or nylon (PA) are excellent candidates for repair with our new PlastiFix complete rigid plastic repair kit.

PlastiFix is a two-part methacrylate adhesive system which consists of a powder and a liquid. When the powder and liquid are mixed together, they form a solid in about 10 - 15 minutes. The adhesive cures rock hard in about an hour and a half.

Motorcycle FairingThe most unique thing about the PlastiFix kit is that it allows you to replace pieces that are competely missing! Each kit comes with a FlexMold molding bar. When heated in boiling water for about two minutes, the FlexMold bar softens and can be formed around a pattern to create a mold. Once it cools, you peel it away from the pattern and you've got a perfect impression of the piece you want to replace. Affix the mold in the repair area and fill with the PlastiFix adhesive mixture. When the adhesive cures, peel away the mold and you're finished! Best of all, the FlexMold bar can be reused again and again.

PlastiFix Potential Applications List

  • Headlight buckets, mounting tabs, and pins
  • SMC header panels
  • SMC body panels, hoods, and tailgates
  • GTX fenders and quarterpanels (Saturn and GM)
  • Saturn door panels (Pulse)
  • Rigid urethane exterior panels (Camaro, dually fenders)
  • Grilles>
  • Headlight bezels
  • Turn signal and side marker lights
  • Taillight buckets, mounting tabs, and pins
  • Rigid plastic exterior trim
  • Rethreading of stripped holes in rigid plastics
  • Radiator tabs and pins
  • Engine cover
  • Intake hardware
  • Nylon valve covers
  • Instrument panel trim and structure
  • Stereo faceplate trim and surround
  • Steering column surround
  • Console trim
  • Arm rest support and trim
  • Door panel mounting tabs and pins
  • Rigid plastic interior trim
  • Heater box
  • Sideview mirrors
  • Cowl panels
  • Door handles
  • Snowmobile cowls
  • Snowmobile trim
  • Motorcycle fairings
  • Motorcycle windscreens and saddlebags
  • Golf cart bodies and roofs
  • RV interior trim
  • Personal watercraft hulls and trim
  • Fiberglass boat hulls and trim
  • Agricultural equipment trim
  • Aircraft interior panels and trim
  • Plastic models and hobbies
  • Household appliances and electronics
  • Computer and printer cases
  • Acrylic bathtubs and sinks
  • Formica countertops
  • Lights and light switch faces
  • Ceramics
  • Glass window panes
  • Room air conditioner faceplate
  • Furniture and household wood trim
  • Children’s toys

Products Suggestions

PlastiFix Kit (White)
$ 35.95
PlastiFix Professional Kit
$ 113.95
PlastiFix Kit (Black)
$ 35.95
PlastiFix Kit (Clear)
$ 35.95