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Hot Spot Stapler

punto plast  6201 hot stapler plastic repair hot stapler bumper repair

Part No.: 6202
Weight: 3.00 LB
Length: 13.00 IN
Height: 3.00 IN
Width: 11.00 IN
UPC: 0694687003678
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This item has been discountinued. You cannot order this product. This item is no longer available. This item is presented for historical information purposes and technical support purposes only.

Urethane Supply Company Hot Spot Hot Stapler for repairing plastic on thermoplastics materials. The Hot Spot thermoplastic stapler is so easy to use, too.

Hot Spot Hot Stapler for Plastic Repair

Urethane Supply Company's 6202 Hot Spot Plastic Stapler defines plastic reinforcement simplicity. Reinforcing plastics with the 6202 Hot Spot is quick, strong, and cost effective. Hot Spot Hot StaplerThe Hot Spot Stapler is perfect for holding broken tabs in position while making weld repairs. With our specialty staples, you will be able to strengthen virtually any type of thermoplastic repair. The Hot Spot thermoplastic stapler is so easy to use, too. It goes like this:

  • Insert the desired staple into one of the 3 positions available on the Hot Spot thermoplastic stapler.
  • Position the staple along the crack line where you need to "stitch" the plastic back together.
  • Push the button on the Hot Spot hot stapler. When you push the button, 2 things happen…
    • The LED light comes on, and…
    • The staple begins heating up.
  • Press the staple INTO the plastic that you are repairing.
  • Once the hot staple has been buried INTO the plastic, give the staple a small twist. This will position the hot staple UNDER unmelted plastic.
  • Release the button and allow a few seconds for the melted plastic to cool enough to "grab" the staple from the Hot Spot plastic stapler.
  • Snip the ends off of the staple.


  • multi postion staplesMulti-position staple contacts
  • LED light for illuminating tight spaces
  • Simple one button operation
  • Hi and Low power settings to accommodate all staple sizes
  • Diagonal cutters, 100 staples, and storage box included
  • One year limited warranty


  • Holds broken plastics together securely for weld repairs
  • Makes plastic repairs stronger
  • Simplifies aligning and reinforcing challenging repairs
  • Improves shop productivity
3 Staple Positions
zoom in

Three Staple Positions

LED Light
zoom in

LED Light

Two Heat Settings
zoom in

Two Heat Settings

Compact Carrying Case
zoom in

Compact Carrying Case

Kit Contents:
  • Hot Spot Stapler
  • (20) - 6211 0.6 mm flat staples
    6211 Hot Staple
  • (20) - 6212 0.6 mm wave staples
    6212 Hot Staple
  • (20) - 6213 0.8 mm inside corner staples
    6213 Hot Staple
  • (20) - 6214 0.8 mm flat staples
    6214 Hot Staple
  • (20) - 6215 0.8 mm wave staples
    6215 Hot Staple
  • (1) - Diagonal Cutter
  • (1) - Storage Box

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