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Plastic Repair Quick Reference Chart

Repair Method

Step A B C D E F
1 ID Plastic Thermoset Urethane ABS, polyethylene, nylon PP, TPO, TEO, TPE, PE or other ABS, SMC, Fiberglass, PC blend SMC, UP, FRP, Fiberglass ABS, SMC, Fiberglass, PC blend
2 Clean Clean part with soap & water and Super Clean Plastic Cleaner
3 Repair Thermoset urethane weld
Method A
Thermoplastic fusion weld
Method B
Uni-Weld FiberFlex
Method C
Insta-Weld adhesive
Method D
Two-part epoxy adhesive
Method E
PlastiFix Rigid Plastic Repair Kit
Method F
4 Fill Grind and apply filler to match the hardness of the substrate
5 Prime Prime with flexible primer
6 Paint Apply top coat with a flex additive