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EcoClean Plastic Cleaner 1001-4 reviews (0)
Eco-Clean Plastic Cleaner (Zero VOC)

Eco-Clean Plastic Cleaner is a water-based plastic cleaner with powerful surfactants that will remove mold-release agents, oil, grease, bumper stic

3726-A - B&C Aerosol - Sienna Gray 3726-A reviews (0)
Bumper and Cladding Color Coat Aerosol - Sienna Gray

Bumper and Cladding Color Coat is an advanced, low-VOC, solvent-based coating designed to permanently recolor the color that is molded into plastic

Black Ice Finishing Primer 3025-1 reviews (0)
Black Ice Finishing Primer, Gallon

Black Ice Waterborne Finishing Primer is a high sheen catalyzed waterborne finishing primer that is formulated to replicate the OEM appearance of n

6122NF - Heavy Duty Aggressive Round Burr 6122NF reviews (0)
Heavy Duty Aggressive Round Burr

¼" diameter shank for air die grinders. ½" carbide ball tip cuts through any plastic in a hurry. Excellent for preparing wide v-gro

6055-NOZ - Steinel Reduction Nozzle 6055-NOZ reviews (0)
Steinel Reduction Nozzle

This nozzle fits the Steinel Hot Air Welder and reduces the diameter of air flow to 9 mm. This piece is neccesary if you are going to use the speed

2042-R - Saturation Roller 2042-R reviews (0)
Saturation Roller
Use to fully wet the fibers of the 2043-U Uni-Cloth fiberglass cloth when reinforcing epoxy repairs.
Bumper and Cladding Coat Adhesion Primer 3613-A reviews (0)
Low VOC Bumper & Cladding Coat Adhesion Primer, White Aerosol

Urethane Supply Company's low VOC Bumper & Cladding Coat Adhesion Primer is an advanced, low-VOC solvent based coating system designed to help

2303-6F - Fast Activator with Sprayer 2303-6F reviews (0)
Fast Activator with Sprayer

Urethane Supply Company's Insta-Weld Activator causes instant curing of Insta-Weld adhesives and other cycnoacrylate adhesives. Activator may be us

1020 - Scuff Magic Prep Soap 1020 reviews (0)
Scuff Magic Prep Soap

Scuff Magic Prep Soap scuffs and cleans in one application to prepare bumpers and panels for repair, refinishing, or blending. The pumice in scuff