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Repairing Plastics with Two-Part Epoxies

  • Sand backside of area to be repaired with 50 grit paper or coarser. Heavy grooving of the plastic is desirable to maximize the mechanical strength of the bond. Afterward, sand lightly with 80 grit for finer grooving which will further improve adhesion.
  • If the material is TEO, TPO or PP, you must apply 1060FP Filler Prep Adhesion Promoter. Brush onto the sanded area and allow to flash off.
  • Apply Fiberglass Reinforcing Tape over the damaged area. If part is SMC, cut a backing panel from a scrap piece of SMC. Make sure the backing panel extends at least 2" beyond damage in all directions.
  • Choose a two-part epoxy adhesive system to match the hardness of the substrate.


2000 Flex Filler 2 (gray)


2020 SMC Hardset Adhesive Filler (gray)

  • Mix epoxy adhesive in equal parts, apply over fiberglass reinforcing tape on backside of repair. Allow 15 minutes to cure before handling. On SMC, apply a bead of 2020 SMC Hardset Filler to the backing panel and press into place. Allow epoxy at least 20 minutes to cure before handling.
  • Sand frontside of damaged area with 50 grit paper or coarser and v-groove away from tear. The deeper and wider the v-groove is, the stronger the repair will be. Remove paint in the surrounding area and radius into the v-groove with 80 grit in a DA.
  • Again, if the material is a TPO or PP, apply 1060FP Filler Prep Adhesion Promoter.
  • Mix and apply selected epoxy adhesive. Build up slightly higher than the surface to allow for sanding. Allow at least 20 minutes to cure before sanding. On SMC, layer pieces of 2043-U Uni-Cloth fiberglass cloth into the v-groove between coats of epoxy. Use a saturation roller if necessary to fully wet the cloth with epoxy.
  • Contour and smooth the surface with 80 and 180 grit paper.

Products Used For This Repair

Flex Filler, Tube Kit
$ 25.95
SMC Hardset, Tube Kit
$ 25.95
Uni-Cloth Fiberglass Cloth
$ 16.95
Filler Prep
$ 8.95